Day 1191: End of Mission 6

Day 1191

Today is the start of the one-week rest period at the end of my current program, which is the Huge in a Hurry “Get Big”  program.  I measured my weight this morning and got the following:

Date Body Mass (kg) Body Fat % Fat Mass (kg) Lean Mass
Start of Mission 5 2010-08-07 73.8 14.3 10.5 63.3
End of Mission 5 2011-04-09 67.0 8.4 5.6 61.4
End of Mission 6 2011-10-17 71.3 11.6 8.3 63.0

So it looks like I gained back most of the lean mass I had before I started my last leaning phase, but I also gained more than half of the fat back! I have to review what I did during this last program and determine what I need to adjust in order to gain muscle without gaining too much fat back.  I checked with the guru of fat loss himself, Tom Venuto, on building muscle without gaining fat.  I admit that I didn’t count calories during this phase and tried to play it by ear.  I think I may have gotten too aggressive with eating, so it’s either I try to cut back a little bit next time I go on a mass-building phase, or add some cardio to burn off the excess.

This rest period should allow me to plan my next attack!


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