Day 726: Sore but still pushing it

Day 726

Things have been busy, busy, busy at work.  It’s my last few days working on the project here in Lima, and there are still quite a few loose ends to tie.  Nevertheless, I made sure to get to the gym this evening, and do the following exercises.

  • Hang power cleans
  • Single-leg back extensions
  • Horizontal pullups
  • Side-to-side pullups
  • (Medicine ball) 1-2-3 throws
  • Dynamic planks

My legs and glutes were still sore from doing Bulgarian split squats two days ago, and I was thinking of not pushing myself too much.  However, my right wrist has sufficiently healed so I did not feel any pain when doing the catch portion of the power cleans.  I thought it was a good time to try to progress the loading on this exercise and set/rep combination (4X5), and I almost succeeded, just missing the very last rep.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to push myself as hard with side-to-side pullups.  Perhaps I used up my power on the power cleans, perhaps it was the different set of pullup bars.  I do know that pullups are much tougher when done toward the end of the session instead of the beginning!

There were no medicine balls at the gym I go to here in Lima, so instead of throwing a medicine ball, I substituted with a dumbbell instead.  I made sure to hold instead of throw it in the “throw” movement though!


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