Day 719: Blowing off some steam at the gym

Day 719

Today I did the following exercises after a hectic day at work.  I was glad to blow off some steam there!  I was able to beat my set targets on all the exercises except for the last one.  The last two exercises should have been swapped in position, but I had to put one before the other as the two flat benches were in use by the time I finished the second exercise.

  • Hang dumbbell cleans
  • Step-ups
  • Supported dumbbell one-arm  presses
  • Close-grip bench press

I intended to do two more exercises (for core stabilization and rotation), but had to postpone it until tomorrow as I had to rush back to my hotel to watch the replay of the world cup semifinals between Germany and Spain.  I already knew the result (I had the live commentary behind my work applications), but I wanted to see for myself.  Best wishes to Spain in the final, but I wasn’t convinced by their performances during the whole tournament and was supporting Germany to win that match.


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