Day 705: Weighted pistol squats

Day 705

A quick but challenging routine today:

  • Clean high pulls
  • Single-leg (pistol) squats
  • Pushups
  • Single-arm cable presses
  • Woodchops (kneeling)
  • Two-point planks

Single-leg squats are one of my favorite exercises, but since today was a lower-rep day, I decided to try adding some weight, holding a weight plate with arms extended in front.  This made the exercise quite a bit tougher in terms of force needed, and I got the load just right to do the required 4 sets of 6 per leg.  Interestingly though, holding the weight that way also helped with balance somewhat.

Two-point planks are always difficult, especially at the end of the workout, but I got them done.  I’ll have to focus next time on being able to hold the position even longer.


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