Day 703: Single-leg good mornings on less than stable shoes

Day 703

After work today, I went to the gym and did the following routine:

  • Snatch pulls
  • Single-leg good mornings
  • Barbell rows
  • Barbell torques
  • Single-arm pulldowns
  • Planks with weight transfer

The single-leg good mornings were hard to do with my running shoes on, since the bottoms of the soles were not flat and there was significant “lift”.  Usually, I do this exercise with bare feet, but one time I did so at the gym I am going to here in Lima, I was advised to put my shoes back on due to, first, “safety regulations”, and when I argued that training with bare feet (at least for some exercises) has its merits, even offering to point them to my sources, they fell back to “gym regulations”.  Whatever.

Today was also just the second time ever that I did barbell torques, and as before, they were fun, but tough to do!  I had to slow down and catch my breath toward the last three or four reps per side.


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