Day 696: Push presses and dealing with wrist pain

Day 696

Back to the workday grind.  It was somewhat of a relief for me to do the following exercises after work:

  • Hang jump shrugs
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Dumbbell push presses
  • Reverse grip bench presses
  • Corkscrews
  • Planks

It was the first time I tried to do dumbbell push presses with two dumbbells at the same time instead of one.  Since I was doing low-rep sets (4X6) on the 2nd to 4th exercises, I tried to load up as much as I can while maintaining good form.  I was able to use up to 55 lb dumbbells for the last three sets, and I was glad to be able to push myself there as I tend to have problems with pressing movements.

One of those problems is my recurring wrist problem.  I felt some pain on my right wrist while warming up with scapular pushups.  I felt it again while I was doing my first set of reverse-grip bench presses.  Thankfully, I found a good comfortable position on my later sets, by keeping the weight as close as possible to the long axis of my lower arm while pressing the weight (which really should be the case all the time).


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