Day 693: Getting some hang clean tips

Day 693

Ah, Friday.  Half of this week was composed of training sessions in the morning and another in the afternoon which I presented.  I was glad that I could get a couple of days rest from that.

This evening, I did the following exercises, which started with another one of my favorite exercises:

  • Hang power cleans
  • Side-to-side pullups
  • Single-leg back extensions
  • Horizontal pullups
  • 1-2-3 throws
  • Dynamic planks

One of the female trainers at the gym I go to here in Lima who has been friendly with me gave me a few pointers today while I was doing my hang power cleans.  She told me (in her limited English and simple Spanish for me) to try for a quicker action, in short, try to generate more power instead of the rather slow movement I was doing.  She also suggested me to do some jumping exercises on steps in order to develop jumping power in the legs.  When I mentioned that the power clean was one of my favorite exercises (which I am seeking to improve), she told me that she was doing Olympic style lifts before she was a trainer, and I could see that she indeed had the build for it.  I might try to do those exercises tomorrow morning as an auxiliary session.

Now, as I am writing this post, I am already looking for more hang power clean pointers on the internet!  I am just wondering how I could get a video of myself doing these so that I can take a good hard look on things I can do to improve my technique.


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