Day 691: Dumbbell snatch PR attempts

Day 691

Today I felt pretty good again, and looked forward during the day to do the following routine:

  • Dumbbell snatches
  • Split squats
  • Side-to-side pushups
  • Jackknife pushups
  • Cable push-pull rotations
  • Side planks

Since today was 5X3 for the first exercise, I felt that it was time to attempt a PR on one of my favorite exercises, the dumbbell snatch.  According to my records, the most I have attempted with success was 35kg / 77lb, so my target today was 80lb.  I was able to do this on my third set (after doing 3X60lb, then 3X70lb) while maintaining good form.  On my fourth set, I attempted 85lb (there wasn’t any 82.5lb), but I missed with my third rep with my left arm.  Stubbornly though, I attempted 85lb again on my fifth set, but again missed even earlier (2nd rep left, 3 rep right).  I am still happy though that I was able to reach 80lb with good form for the first time!

I was also able to push myself quite hard on my split squats, where I was able to max out at 155lb / 70kg by my fourth and last set (4X6).


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