Day 684: Sandwiched workout

Day 684

No, I did not have sandwiches during my training session today.  The reason I called it “sandwiched” is because I had to attend a web conference to resolve some issues at work, and the conference was scheduled in the evening to coincide with daytime in Hong Kong, with whom I was meeting.  After going back to the hotel after work, I had just enough time to sandwich my training session into my free time.  In fact, I arrived just 5 minutes before my meeting was scheduled.

Here were my exercises for today

  • Muscle snatches
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts
  • Cable face pulls
  • Single-arm pulldowns
  • Seated Russian twists
  • Side planks + reaches

Since my rep scheme was lower per set (4X6 instead of 4X10 in most of the exercises), I made sure to use heavier loads, which suited me well, as I prefer low reps/high load to the opposite.


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