Day 677: Picking up deadlift pointers

Day 677

Yesterday after work, I did a session of HIIT running, 10 cycles of 30s run, 30s walk with warmup and cooldown periods.

Today was resistance training.  These were my exercises for today, done straight after work:

  • Clean pulls
  • Superset consisting of
    • Single-leg squats
    • Clap pushups
  • Single-arm cable presses
  • Cable woodchops to knees
  • Side plank with one leg raised

Before my last set, I finally saw somebody doing deadlifts with a good amount of weight and what looked to me like good form.  He came well prepared with some lifting chalk.  Though he was using a weight belt (I personally don’t, in order to strengthen my whole body including the core muscles), I watched him and tried to pick up some pointers on how to do deadlifts so that I can improve my own form.


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