Day 675: Fun and challenging exercises

Day 675

Today I was in the gym straight after work, and my exercises consisted of:

  • Snatch pulls
  • Single-leg good mornings
  • Bent-over rows
  • One-arm pulldowns
  • Barbell torques
  • Planks with weight transfer

The single-leg good mornings were tough.  Compared to single-leg deadlifts, having the olympic bar behind the shoulders required more core control and increased the load greatly.  I was happy to use just the bar (45lb) plus the heavy clamps (another 10lb, I think), and it still gave me a good challenge to do four sets of 10 reps.

There were another two exercises that were new to me, the barbell torgues, and the planks with weight transfer.  On the barbell torgues, you hold the olympic bar one one end with two hands above the head in front of you, with the other end in a corner or wedged somewhere.  You then lower the bar to one side to about knee level, turning and semi-squatting in the process, and then stand raising the bar above the head and then lowering the bar to the other side.  Even with just the bar, this exercise had me catching my breath about two-thirds of the way through the ten reps, with four sets in total for today.  That exercise was fun, but almost like doing a sprint!

The other exercise, planks with weight transfer, is where you transfer a dumbell using your hands from one side of your body to the other while doing planks, holding the plank for at least 30s.  That was another fun exercise, a nice variation to the basic plank.


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