Day 669: The power of the chili pepper

Day 669

Yesterday, I had planned to train in the evening after work.  But my plan changed at lunchtime.

At the cafeteria at work, for appetizers they had either vegetable soup or rocoto relleno, which looked to me like stuffed bell peppers (capsicums).  I was told that the peppers weren’t too spicy, so, since I liked bell peppers (capsicums) and I like to try out new food, I got myself the rocoto relleno.  I sat down, sliced off the bottom of the pepper, got some of the meat and cheese stuffing, and chowed down.  Hmmm, that tasted good.  Within a few seconds though, I started to feel my mouth and throat burning!  I downed two glasses of maracuya juice before I even got to the main course!  My colleague looked around and noticed that almost everybody else was just eating the stuffing, not the pepper.  I guess I should have looked first and did as the Peruvians did.  My stomach felt queasy until the evening, so I didn’t want to risk going to the gym and exerting myself in that condition.

And so, my training got postponed until this evening.  Here’s what I did:

  • Hang jump shrugs
  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Reverse-grip bench presses
  • Dumbbell push presses
  • Cable push-pull rotations
  • Planks

Those Bulgarian split squats had my legs quivering for quite a while afterwards!


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