Day 664: The Locker Incident

Day 664

Today I felt pretty much recovered from yesterday’s morning workout that I decided to proceed with training in the evening after work.  My session went well, and I did the following exercises:

  • Dumbbell snatches
  • Split squats
  • Side-to-side pushups
  • Jackknife pushups
  • Side planks

The dumbbell snatches went well enough; I was doing 4X5 instead of 5X3 as I have been doing recently, so I had to lessen the weight to make sure I was executing the exercise properly.  With the split squats, doing 4X10 hit my legs well enough that I almost stumbled on the way to returning some of my weights to the rack!  I was able to push myself quite far with the two different types of pushups; those were quite tough too!

Things were going pretty well until I went back to the locker room.  I couldn’t open the combination padlock I had on my locker!  I figured perhaps the combination got reset when the lock was unlocked in my bag.  I patiently started to try to unlock it, starting with 0-0-0.  By the time I got to 4-3-0 with the lock still not budging (and my shoulders already tired from both the workout and holding my hands above head level), one of the locker room attendants offered to cut the lock off the locker for me.  Finally, I could get to my protein shake!  That was hard-earned!


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