Day 655: Change in schedule

Day 655

Starting today, we started work one hour earlier compared to last week, at 07:30.  This caused a minor problem as the hotel that my colleague and I are staying in only serves breakfast from 07:00, which doesn’t allow us to catch the company shuttle bus at 06:45.  Thankfully, our business contacts were able to arrange for us to be served a small breakfast of bread, ham, cheese, and some fruit before leaving for work, at 06:30.  Unfortunately this morning I was not able to have eggs as I usually do as the hotel’s cook doesn’t come it until 06:45. The small breakfast did mean that I was hungry late in the morning.   Hopefully tomorrow will be better, or I might have to bring a small snack to tide me over at work.

The earlier work schedule did mean that I was able to go to the gym earlier.  This was my routine for today:

  • Dumbbell snatches
  • Dumbbell flat bench presses
  • Barbell split squats
  • Pullups

I really, really need to get my pullup numbers back up!  They really are difficult for me since they are the last exercise and I have to do four sets.  I am able to do the first set up to the required 10, but my strength drops quickly after that.


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