Day 653: Startup in Lima

Day 653

After just about 4 weeks in Manila, I am on the road again, this time, to Lima, Peru.  It took me two days of travelling (including a 16-hour layover in AMS) to get here.  Though the two flights were very long ones, both turned out to be quite comfortable.

In my first few days here in Lima, I asked the hotel for the address of a gym near the hotel.  I was directed to one of the big commercial gyms.  It was more expensive than the gym I go to when I am in Manila, but looked okay, up to the standards of the big gyms.  I browsed around and found that there was only one alternative to it, just three blocks away.  The other gym was asking a higher price than the first gym even though they have slightly fewer facilities, so I decided to sign up for three months with the first gym.

I wasn’t able to go to the gym for the first two nights after I signed up, as right after dinner, I felt very very sleepy; I think my body is still continuing to adjust to the 11-hour time difference from Manila.  Instead, I decided to go on Saturday morning.  I found they gym still quite busy, but as my training routines revolve exclusively around free weights, all I really needed were an olympic bar and a chinup bar.  Most of the rest of the gym folk were happy to use only the machines; that suits me just fine as I hardly had to wait for anything.

I followed the Power Training template I have been doing over the past three months.  Today I did:

  • Barbell jump shrugs
  • Single-leg pistol squats
  • Barbell overhead push presses
  • Neutral-grip chinups
  • Side planks + reaches

The session was a good way to startup my training engine again.  On the other hand though, again I have been booked into a hotel where I cannot cook my own food, so I have to be mindful whenever I have to inevitably eat out.


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