Day 631: Cardio strength training

Day 631

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last update on this blog.  Things were pretty busy at work in my last few weeks in Poland, and on each of my weekends, I tried to cram as much sightseeing as I can in the limited time I had.  At the same time, I had to organize all my accumulated stuff so as to fit in my limited luggage space.  With all those happening, I decided to take a break from training, focusing instead on eating healthily and reducing my overall caloric intake to minimize fat gains.

I arrived back in Manila on March 29th, and up to now am still getting used to the heat and humidity.  The shock to my system of going from a few degrees above 0 °C in Poland to between 28 and 36°C in Manila wasn’t as bad as I feared.

This afternoon, I decided to go back to the gym and did a cardio strength training session, based on the book by Robert Dos Remedios which I recently bought.  I feel it’s a better fit into my personality to do a strength-training type of cardio instead of steady-state, as I tend to get bored quite quickly when if I do run on the treadmill at a steady pace.  I’m looking forward to doing more of this type of exercise in the future.  I am planning to perhaps alternate the cardio strength training sessions with the traditional strength training sessions until I reach my target body fat percentage.


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