Day 599: Oh, I missed foam rolling!

Day 599

After last training’s quite painful start, I was really glad to arrive at the gym this Saturday noon without any aerobics class going on.  That meant that I had access to the foam rollers, and thus had a more thorough warmup before I proceeded to do the following:

  1. Narrow-grip hang snatches
  2. Front barbell squats
  3. Dumbbell bench presses
  4. Barbell push presses
  5. Cable woodchops
  6. Planks

I wasn’t at my best with the hang snatches today; I couldn’t quite get to my previous best, but I did the best I could.  I was able to push myself a bit further with both the front squats and the push presses.  The dumbbell bench presses were also a challenge to get with the optimistic load I attempted, so next time, I’ll swallow my pride and try to build back up again after going down a few notches.

It was another cold  day here in northern Poland, in stark contrast to last weekend when winter seemed to be on its way out.


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