Day 595: Ouch!

Day 595

I had more busy days at work, so I was glad to have enough energy to get to the gym this evening. After a short warmup, I proceeded to do the following:

  1. Barbell clean pulls
  2. Good mornings
  3. Single-arm cable rows
  4. Wide-grip pullups
  5. Cable parallel push/pulls
  6. Side plank + Reaches

My workout didn’t start as well as planned.  Even though I warmed up, when I started doing warmup sets of clean pulls, I felt the muscles deep in my thigh seizing up.  I think I had not yet fully recovered from doing particularly hard sets of Bulgarian split squats three days ago!  This may also have been compounded by my not being able to do foam rolling at the gym I go to, since the foam rollers are stored in the aerobics area and there is always a class going on at the times I visit the gym.

I decided to continue with the two exercises involving my lower body (the clean pulls and good mornings) but lightened the loading at the start so that by the last set I reached my initial planned weights.  It was quite painful at first, but by the end, it wasn’t too bad.  The rest of the exercises went okay, but I still have to get a lot better with pullups!


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