Day 589: Back again after learning to ski

Day 589

I’m back after more than a week’s break.  My one-month membership at the local gym here had expired in the middle of last week, and I wasn’t keen to renew it before the weekend so as to maximize the 30-day validity period.  Moreover, work has been getting pretty hectic these past few days as I am under pressure to finish my project very soon.

Nevertheless, I did get some exercise over the weekend.  A colleague at the company I am working with here offered to take us to a nearby ski resort, where my colleagues from the Manila and I took a one-hour skiing lesson and proceeded to ski for a few hours over the 2-day weekend.  It was more difficult than I anticipated just to learn how to stop and turn on skis!  Still, I was very happy that I was able to do three proper runs down the learner’s slope by the end of my first day (on my 11th, 12th, and 13th tries).

More pressure at work left me exhausted at the end of Monday and Tuesday.  Today, however, I decided to go back to the gym no matter what.  Though I wasn’t looking to set any records today, I was just glad to be back to training.

Today’s routine was as follows

  1. Hang power cleans
  2. One-leg back extensions
  3. Horizontal pullups
  4. Side-to-side pullups
  5. Med-ball One-two-three twist and throws
  6. Dynamic planks

As I did not have access to a medicine ball, I substituted by holding a weight plate and holding on to the plate while I “threw” it on the fourth count.  Wouldn’t want the plate flying away from my hands!


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