Day 580: Winter exercise

Day 580

This past weekend was a busy one for me.  One of our colleagues at the client company I am working with here in Gdynia invited our group from the Philippines to his house in the countryside about an hour away from the city.  I volunteered to go with him on Friday night so that I can help him to shovel the thick snow around his house so as to create a path for everybody in and out of his property.  I figured it would be a good alternative to my usual exercise in the gym, and so it proved!  We couldn’t finish clearing enough snow on Friday night so we had to continue on Saturday morning.  In some areas, the snow was up to a metre deep, and together we probably dug channels about 40 to 50 metres in total to a width of about a metre.

Saturday evening we went on a traditional Polish horse-drawn sleigh and sled ride (kulig) with him, his wife, and his friends.  It was a wild ride as I was seated on the last of 6 sleds behind the sleigh and horses!

Sunday I got to try skiing for the first time.  It wasn’t easy for me as the snow on the hill behind his backyard was thick and soft, but I was able to slide down three times, falling down into the soft snow three times as well!  Getting up after falling was a challenge, as well as climbing back up the hill to the starting point.

Today I went back to the gym to do a more traditional workout:

  1. Dumbbell snatches (4X3)
  2. Split squats (10/8/8/6)
  3. Side-to-side pushups (10/8/8/6)
  4. Jackknife pushups (10/8/8/6)
  5. Cable push-pull rotation (4X10)
  6. Side planks (30s, 25s, 40s, 45s)

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