Day 560: Not business as usual

Day 560

Today I went to the gym for my “push” workout.  It wasn’t as cold (-6 °C) this evening compared to yesterday (-11 °C), so the walk to the gym was relatively pleasant.  The gym wasn’t as packed as it was yesterday, so I set about my exercises.

  1. Dumbbell snatches (4X3)
  2. Split squats (10/8/8/6)
  3. Side-to-side pushups (10/8/8/6)
  4. Jackknife pushups (10/8/8/6)
  5. Push-pull cable twist (4X10)
  6. Side planks (4X30-45s)

I tried to beat my personal best on the dumbbell snatches, but I wasn’t able to do the three reps on my last two sets.  I think this is because I was still a bit fatigued from yesterday’s training.

The other exercises went okay.  However, I encountered a snag when I was to do the cable twist exercise.  I needed the two sides of the cable crossover apparatus, but there was one woman who was doing endless sets of overhead rope triceps presses and upright rows on one side of the machine.  I must have waited more than 15 minutes for her to finish, staying right beside her as she completely ignored me while I waited.  In frustration, I decided to do the side planks first, just right beside the machine.  I did one side facing away (30 seconds), then switched to the other side.  Lo and behold!  The woman had finished her sets, and two men had quickly replaced her on the cable machine, doing wrist curls!  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long for them to finish their exercises once I finished my sets of side planks.

After completing my workout and drinking my protein shake, I walked back to my hotel, planning to have my dinner in the hotel restaurant as I usually do, right after I took my pictures.  Unfortunately, the main water pipe at the hotel got damaged, flooding the kitchen and part of the reception area, so the restaurant was closed!  I decided to try my luck at the McDonald’s just a small distance from the gym, as it was the only restaurant open in the area at the late hour (around 21:30).  So I walked another two-something kilometres to dinner and back.  I did skip the fries and ordered salad instead, so it shouldn’t be too bad.


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