Day 559: Keeping warm

Day 559

The temperature has not gone above minus 2 degrees Celsius since I arrived here in Gdynia. These past few days (including the weekend) has been even colder, with temperatures staying between -8 to -16 degrees. I wanted to get out and see the sights here over the weekend, but it was just too cold so I just went to the biggest mall here in the region (in Gdansk) to keep warm and entertained.

Today, it was more of the same. The kilometre-long walk to the gym in the evening wasn’t as bad as it could have been as the wind thankfully stayed away. Upon arriving at the gym, it was again packed and so I had to wait even to get an available locker.

Today’s workout was a “pull” routine:

  1. Narrow-grip hang barbell snatches (4X3)
  2. Romanian deadlifts (10/8/8/6)
  3. Dumbbell row + twist (10/8/8/6)
  4. Chinups (10/8/8/6)
  5. Reverse woodchops (4X10)
  6. Two-point planks (4X30s each side)

The pullups were very tough for me to do, and I could not complete the 2nd to 4th sets straight without resting, so I just tried to do negatives for the balance. The way the workouts are structured always seem to put the pullups/chinups as the 4th exercise, by which time my muscles are already quite fatigued. How can I try to improve on my current performance without moving the exercise earlier in the program?

Training does help keep my mind de-stressed and body energised, perfect during the cold cold weather.


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