Day 554: Snowy walk to the gym

Day 554

It’s been snowing on and off all day today.  As I was walking the 1 kilometer to the gym, it was snowing again, which was my first time to walk a significant distance while snowing.  Good thing I was able to get a nice warm  tracksuit to layer with my existing clothing.

Tonight the gym wasn’t as packed as it was the other day.  I didn’t have to wait at all for any equipment, and so I was able to perform my “pull” workout quickly.  The exercises were:

  • Muscle snatches (4X3)
  • Single-leg Romanian deadlifts (10/8/8/6)
  • Rope face pulls (10/8/8/6)  (10/8/8/6)
  • Seated Russian twists (4X10)
  • Side planks with reach (4X30s)

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