Day 543: Awesome sendoff

Day 543

<Text to follow> … family is about to go out to watch Avatar! Last chance for me to watch it in 3D before I go.

Update: 10 Jan 2010

Today’s workout was squeezed in after breakfast.  I did a pull workout today: clean pulls, good mornings, single-arm cable rows, wide-grip pullups, cable trunk rotations, and side planks with reach.  All in all a good workout before my going off on another business trip.

After my training, I then had to do the various errands that come with going away for one of my business trips.  My entire afternoon was filled with errands, then I went with my family to see Avatar, as I wanted to catch it in 3D.  It was awesome!

Right now I’m in transit in Hong Kong, waiting for my midnight flight to Frankfurt, where I will then catch my connection to Gdansk, Poland.  My morning has been another hectic one of packing my bags and making sure that I had everything I need for the forecasted cold weather in Europe.


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