Day 537: A quick squeeze

Day 537

It was a busy day for me: sleep (had to recover from a tough workout yesterday), a visit to the dentist, going to Sunday mass. Right after mass in the early evening I ate a little snack, drank a mug of coffee, then it was off on my bike to the gym for a pull-type training session.

There were a few interesting things on my training plan today: close-grip barbell snatches (my first time), Romanian deadlifts, dumbbell rows with twist (my first time), pullups, reverse woodchops, and finally, 2-point planks (those were hard!).

I intended to do a little bit of shopping to catch the tail end of the post-holiday sale, but by the time I finished, shops were already closing. I had wanted to get some stuff to prepare for my upcoming business trip next weekend. That’s another thing I’ll have to plan around in order to get my training done. That is why I am doing two days in a row (push then pull) followed by one day of rest until I go on Sunday.


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