Day 536: Starting the year right

Day 536

I wanted to start the new year with a bang by getting a training session in on January 1st, but family commitments (walking our two dogs) and new year’s fatigue (I cooked and prepared most of our new year’s eve midnight family feast) got the better of me, so I opted to rest on that day.  I did get some cardio from running with our dog (an 11 month-old female golden retriever whom we call Apple), which seemed to lift her spirits since she has been cooped up in our small yard for the past few days.

Today I did a push workout.  I did dumbbell hang cleans (4X3), step ups (10/8/8/6), close-grip barbell bench presses (10/8/8/6), supported dumbbell overhead presses (10/8/8/6), windshield wipers (4X10), and then finally, plank walkups (4x30s).  I had a few problems with the dumbbell hang cleans; I felt some pain on my left wrist whenever I tried to catch a heavy dumbbell on my shoulder.  There was no such pain with my right wrist.  I think this stems from the wrist injury I had while benching a long time ago.  I think I’ll just have to strengthen my left wrist so that it can properly support heavier compressive loads.

I’m going to start planning my next mission, which will basically involve getting myself lean enough to be proud of my body when the summer beach season comes here in the Philippines, in April/May.

Let’s all start the year firing on all cylinders!


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