Day 531: Ramping up the frequency

Day 531

Today was a “push” workout, with a slightly different set/rep scheme from before. I did barbell clean pulls (4X3), front squats (10,8,8,6), dumbbell bench presses (10,8,8,6, but I could only do 6 on the 3rd set), push presses (10,8,8,6), woodchops (4X10) alternating with planks (4X45s). On all of the weighted exercises (except for the DB bench presses), I was able to increase the loading relative to my previous workout of the same exercise.

I’m ramping up my weekly training to 4 times a week, in order to go through two push/pull cycles in a given week. This should also help me shed some more fat. I would prefer this to doing three full body workouts in a week as it takes too long to finish the full-body session.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!


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