Day 529: Pulling my way out of a holiday feast

Day 529

I was anxious to have my training session today, after eating a bit too much of sweet sugary foods over the Christmas day celebrations.  This afternoon’s training session was mostly pulling movements.  There were barbell jump shrugs (4X5), good mornings (with a barbell, 4X10), horizontal pullups (4X10), wide-grip pullups (supposed to be 4X10, but haven’t been able to get there yet), and finally seated russian twists (3X10).  I still do not have the strength and endurance to do four sets of 10 pullups near the end of  the workout (the most I could get in the set was 7, going downhill), so at the end of my workout I added some pullup holds (5 sets of 10s, 10s, 20s, 20s, 20s).  I’m planning to bring some bands next time to aid me with the more difficult portion at the bottom of the pull.  I did not have as much problem with the other exercises, which I was able to progress in weight.

I made an acquaintance of one of the big guys at the gym I go to, one of the other (very few) guys who use the squat rack to do some real squatting.  I found out that he was a powerlifter a while ago, but that there was no more powerlifting gym near where we live.  He did offer to give me a spot when I ask; I’ll definitely ask for a spot with my weakest powerlifting exercise, the barbell bench press.


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