Day 497: Ran out of time

Day 497

This morning I woke up early again to do another whole-body training session based on the Men’s Health Power Training program.  Just like before, there were exercises for every prime movement pattern: explosive movement, hip/knee dominant lower body, horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull, core rotational/bridging.  Once again, I found myself running out of time at the gym, even if I followed the prescribed rest periods quite closely.

As each of the exercises had 4 sets, each up to 10 reps and 1 minute rest: 9 exercises X 4 sets X 1min/set = 36 minutes just on the rest periods alone.  If you take 40 seconds to complete each set, that’s another 24 minutes, making 60 minutes.  If you include a warmup set per exercise, that’s another 15 minutes.  Plus 10 minutes to do a proper warmup including foam rolling and dynamic stretches and a little stretching afterwards.  What if you had to wait for equipment to be available?  Or if you had to take time to catch your breath?

This morning then, I found myself running beyond my planned time.  Also, one of the killers was making wide-grip pullups the last exercise before the core exercises, when I was already running out of steam, so there was no way I could do four sets of 10 with one minute rest.  If I were not training before work I wouldn’t need to rush too much, but since I do, I’d probably have to either make it 3 sets per exercise, or do the split routine.


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