Day 494: Power training

Day 494

Sorry to post this a day late.  Last evening, I tried a new training program from Men’s Health Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios.  As may be evident from my previous posts, I like doing explosive movements such as power cleans, dumbbell snatches, and more recently, I was dabbling with power snatches.  So last night I decided to try one of the full-body training plans from Dos Remedios’ book.

Most of the training plans in this book are composed of an explosive movement, one knee-dominant and one hip-dominant lower-body movement, one horizontal-push and one horizontal pull movement, one vertical push and one vertical pull movement, one core rotational and one core bridging movement.  It is a pretty long list especially if you are doing 4 sets of 10 in most of the exercises with about 1 minute between sets.  The book says you can finish such a workout in about 50 mins.  However, I doubt you can do it that quickly during rush hour in a crowded gym.  Especially if you factor in warmup and cooldown periods.

Still, it was fun doing the exercises.  I started with barbell hang cleans (which I feel demands quite a bit more of the traps), then alternated front squats with single-leg Romanian deadlifts (1st time for me), then barbell bench presses (it’s been a long while) alternating with dumbbell rows, then barbell push presses alternating with single-arm pulldowns.  I didn’t have time to do the core rotational and bridging exercises, as the gym was already closing.  By that time, I was already over 60 minutes into the workout proper.

Next time, I might try one of the push-pull training plans.  Those would be shorter compared to the full-body training plans, but would preferably be done 4 days a week instead of three as in the full-body plan.


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