Day 492: Careful when chewing

Day 492

The inner side of my lips have been giving me major problems this week. More than a few sores have formed where my recently-adjusted (and rewired) braces have been making contact. This has made it difficult to eat as if I am not careful when I chew, the wires dig into the sores and cause me to experience sharp pain.

Still, I try to eat as much as I need every 4 hours or so.

This morning I woke up early again to train. I did dumbbell snatches, then pushups+clap pushups alternating with dumbbell rows, single-leg squats alternating with rope face pulls, and then three point planks. I did not go for a PB on my dumbbell snatches as I wanted to work on my form, which still has lots of room for improvement especially when I get to the heavier weights.

Gladly, though I finished the workout satisfyingly beat, the morning workout seems to give me energy to power through the day at work. There were times when I was so focused that I almost forgot to eat!


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