Day 490: Back again into the gym

Day 490

I originally planned for a few days hiatus to let the pain in my newly-adjusted teeth subside, but the pain lasted much longer than planned.  Even up to now, I have to be careful when eating so as not to aggravate the irritation that some of the wires have been creating in the inside of my lips.  Just when I had planned to go back to the gym last night after work, my mother asked me to bring one of our dogs to the veterinarian as the dog was not feeling well and not eating much.

So instead, I woke up early today to do my training before going to work.  I tried to do something new, which is barbell snatches pulling the bar raised slightly off the ground, to focus on the second part of the pull.  Then I did pullups alternating with barbell overhead squats, then dips alternating with Pallof presses, and then finally dumbbell external rotations.

It felt good to be back in the gym! I’m going to have to adjust my schedule so that I train in the mornings when possible, so that neither work nor family life interferes with my training plans.


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