Day 482: Just chewing is a challenge

Day 482

I did not do any training today.  The reason for this is because I was advised by my dentist not to lift any heavy weights for a few days, as I just had another two of my teeth extracted yesterday.  It was another surprise for me from my dentist.  Two weeks ago it was from my lower set of teeth; yesterday it was the corresponding pair of upper teeth.  The four teeth that have been removed are the ones just behind the canines, to make space for moving my teeth around.  After removing the teeth, my dentist adjusted the wires on my braces again, and also added power chains from my canines to my molars to pull the teeth and close the gaps made by the extracted teeth.  As soon as the anaesthesia wore off, my teeth started to hurt, and I realized that my canines have moved a bit so now the upper and lower canines clash against each other in places they haven’t before.  My molars also feel pain whenever I try to chew anything.

Needless to say, since last night after my visit to the dentist, eating has been a challenge because

  1. My canines hit each other whenever I close my jaws
  2. I feel pain in my molars whenever I chew, especially if the food is harder than boiled rice.
  3. Food sometimes get stuck in the space between my teeth, or sometimes on my braces.  I cannot just suck it out as it could cause the wounds to reopen.

Nevertheless, I tarried on eating food, albeit softer food.  I actually shopped for chicken breasts over the weekend, but right now I don’t think I can eat and enjoy grilled (relatively tough) chicken breasts.  Luckily, my mom made pork and beans; the beans and pork were soft enough for me to eat for last night and today’s lunch.  Omelettes are okay for breakfast.  Tomorrow I’m planning to steam some cream dory for lunch.

Now, until the pain goes away, I’m not even considering lifting.  Just the thought of gritting of my teeth whenever I try to exert more force is enough to make me avoid it for now.

In any case, the pain should go in a few days.  Until then, I’m making use of the rest time to do other stuff I’ve been putting aside.


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