Day 480: A PB attempt with dumbbell snatches

Day 480

This afternoon, I went for my training session at the gym. I just found out two days ago that the gym I go to now has some foam rollers. Although they are a bit too soft for my liking, it now allows me to do a more complete warmup at the gym, instead of having to do my foam rolling at home before I go to the gym.

To start off, I did dumbbell snatches. I intended to do 4 sets of 4, with the last set being at the heaviest weight I have done successfully (75 lbs). However, at the end of the fourth set, I felt I had a little bit left in the tank, so I decided to go for 80 lbs. I wasn’t able to do 4 (ending up with 3 on the left and 2 on the right), but it felt good to be able to go for a personal best!

After that, I did alternating sets of exercises. First were single-leg squats alternating with rope face pulls. Then it was pushups going straight to clap push ups, alternating those with dumbbell rows. Finally, I did two 3-point planks. The entire workout took a just little over an hour, but I felt it was a good one!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 480 - Front Day 480 - Back Day 480 - Side

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