Day 478: Early morning session

Day 478

I had to postpone my training to today instead of yesterday.  Lots of issues cropped up at work, which had me working late on both Tuesday and Thursday, up to 12 hours straight in the office.  I was determined to get my training done, so I opted to do my training today in the early morning before going to work instead of after work.  That way, whatever happens at work, my training is already in the bag.

It’s been a while since I lifted weights in the early morning.  I had a light meal before going, and then took my bike to get to the gym to save time instead of waiting for public transport.  It was a welcome change to train early as there was almost nobody in the gym save for a few people working with their trainers.  I did power cleans, pullups, dips, barbell overhead squats, Pallof presses, and then finally, dumbbell external rotations.  I then cycled back home, had my breakfast, then sped off to work.

Fortunately, it was not as busy as the past two days. However, a few minutes after I left the office at the normal time, my phone rang. It was a client asking for me to go online to help them fix the mess that they made. This is the same client which I had been working with for the past two days, whome I talked with online the whole morning, during which I had already given instructions on how to go about fixing their own mess. Before, I would have turned around to try to please the client. However, this time I politely told them I am already out of the office and they would have to wait until I get back tomorrow.

There is more to life than work.  Rest, training, and family time come to mind.  You can’t be efficient trying to please everybody.

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