Day 475: Back to normal at the gym

Day 475

It was a public holiday in the Philippines today, a day to commemorate our dearly departed loved ones.  This allowed me to have my training session in the late afternoon.  This time there was no drama upon trying to enter the big chain gym; the front desk manager who gave me a hard time last Friday wasn’t there even though it was about the same time.  I was able to stay focused throughout my workout with some good music pumping through my music player to drown out the crap music being played by the gym.

Exercises were dumbbell snatches, single legged (pistol) squats, pushups + clap pushups, dumbbell rows, rope face pulls, and three point planks.

Below, as you can see, I am back to taking pictures in my room at home.

Day 475 - Front Day 475 - Back Day 475 - Side

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