Day 475: The training session that almost wasn’t

Day 475

It’s been a very busy week for me since I arrived in Manila after a three-and-a-half-month project in Saigon.  Though I did take Monday off from work, the rest of the week was flat out work catching up on other work commitments and also supporting/hand-holding the client in Vietnam.  I had planned several times during the week to train after work (actually, every day), but always something came up that forced me to stay overtime in the office.

This afternoon was the first opportunity to go.  I and my mother went to the gym and I was looking forward to training again after the break.  Before I went away, I “froze” my membership at the big chain gym I go to, to save money as I would not be using that gym while I was away (I only pay 20% of the membership while it is frozen).  I froze it for the months of August, September, and October (I went away in the middle of July).  Once I returned sometime in late September or early October, I could just “unfreeze” the membership by paying the other 80% toward a full month’s dues.

Imagine my surprise when, upon logging in at the front desk, I was informed that my membership was still frozen, and that if I push through with working out today, I would be charged for the whole month of October, even though I would only be using the facilities for one day in October!  I asked the front desk manager for some consideration; I have been a founding member at the gym, paying my dues, sometimes not even freezing my account even if I am away a lot (due to the bureaucracy you have to go through to get it frozen, and then sometimes even getting billed in full even if my membership was frozen).  No amount of reasoning was enough to get me through (even on a day when they were handing out free passes to non-members!), so I asked to speak with a higher manager or else threatened to cancel my membership.  The front desk manager was only too happy to hand me a cancellation form!  Bad customer service! Fortunately, I was able to talk to the membership manager and explained my situation, and she agreed that some leeway should have been given to me in this situation.  I told her that this kind of behavior from the front desk manager made me feel that the club does not care about its current and (so far) loyal members, and she apologized.

I almost lost the urge to train, but I pushed through.  I kept to one of my templates from last week: barbell power cleans, pullups, barbell overhead presses, dips, Pallof presses, and dumbbell external rotations.  I was just happy to be able to work out at all, so no records today save for the barbell overhead presses (for which it was only my 2nd time to do).

Apologies for the lack of status pictures today.  I did some grocery shopping with my mom right after training, and got out of the mall at closing time, with the rain falling already, so it was a long wait to get onto public transport.  Another typhoon is affecting Metro Manila today and through the weekend; hopefully this time it is not as bad as there are many families out and about to visit their departed ones over the All Saints/All Souls weekend.


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