Day 463: Last training session in Saigon

Day 463

I’m on track to go back home to Manila on Saturday morning, so I cannot go to the gym on Friday evening as I’ll be packing my stuff then.  This makes today’s training session my last here in Saigon on this trip.

I did not try out any new exercises, but I did do a few challenging exercises: single-arm dumbbell snatches, single-leg (pistol) squats, pushups + clap pushups, seated cable rows, face rope pulls, and three-point planks.  The gym was packed, hot, and humid.  Though sometimes it can be difficult to work out in those conditions, I know I am going to miss the place.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 463 - Front Day 463 - Back Day 463 - Side

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