Day 461: Three new tools

Day 461

In tonight’s training session, I tried a few new moves among the exercises I did.  First, I warmed up with some power cleans with an empty Olympic bar.  After that I decided to try to do snatches with it, my first time to do so.  I then did my work sets of power cleans.

Next, I did another new exercise, which were barbell overhead squats.  Even with just the empty Olympic bar, I found the exercise to be challenging, as I had to really control my core to keep from falling over backwards (or forwards).  I did 2 sets with the empty bar before doing a set with another 10 kg (there were only a pair of 5kg plates, a pair of 20kg plates, and 3 pairs of 25kg plates for the Olympic bar).

After that, I did pullups and then dips.  I then tried the third of my three new exercises, which were Pallof presses.  This is an exercise which trains the core to resist rotation.  I finished wih dumbbell external rotations.

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 461 - Front Day 461 - Back Day 461 - Side

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