Day 456: I want to get stronger on the deadlift

Day 456

Today’s training went even better than the last one.  It consisted of dumbbell snatches, deadlifts, pushups + clap pushups, dumbbell rows, rope face pulls, and Russian twists.  I found that I had enough energy today to push myself, and only faltered in the last rep of my deadlifts (the 5th one on the 3rd set).  Still, not too bad as that last set was equal to the maximum weight I have lifted on deadlifts (130kg).  It only gets me to aspire to improve on this exercise!  Perhaps my next program will include progressions on the deadlift.

On a not so positive note, I have been asked to my stay here in Saigon by another week.  I was already getting excited to see my family again this weekend so I am a bit disappointed.

Anyway, training goes on.  Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 456 - Front Day 456 - Back Day 456 - Side

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