Day 447: Getting a bit creative

Day 447

Second day back in the gym after my last mission.  I did dumbbell snatches (3X5) followed by deadlifts (3X5) not too far from my personal best weight.  I intended to do flat bench barbell presses next, but despite waiting on 6 benches in the gym for more than a few minutes, it seems that everyone was still doing National Chest Day on a Monday, even in Saigon!  Instead, I substituted with 3 sets of pushups (10 reps) going directly to clap pushups (another 10 reps) without stopping.  That was fun and challenging to do.  I then did dumbbell rows (5X5), face pulls with a rope (3X12), Russian twists (3X10), and then finally three-point planks (60 seconds on each side).

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 447 - Front Day 447 - Back Day 447 - Side

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