Day 435: Rush!

Day 435

Today was a really weird day.

The customer I am working for here in Vietnam had scheduled to move today from their temporary site office to their newly-constructed permanent office.  As with any move, things did not go perfectly as planned, so we were left without a network connection for almost all of the day.  That meant that were not able to do significant work, as these days, almost all information technology stuff is done over the network!

At the same time I was coughing much during the day, and the medicine I took had me a bit drowsy at times.

On our way back from the office to the hotel, we go stuck in a big traffic jam on the single unpaved road.  I got worried as I didn’t want to miss the last training day of my current program!  The heavy traffic meant that I arrived back at the hotel more than 30 minutes past the usual time.  As soon as I got into my room, I quickly changed to my training clothes, packed my gym back, and then headed out the door.  I caught a motorcycle taxi to get me to the gym more quickly than waiting for the bus.

As I was running late, I tried to really stick to my rest periods throughout the session, and so the whole training was done at a high pace.  Most of the exercises were 4X10 with 60 seconds rest, alternating between push and pull exercises for the whole body.  I was well satisfied with the effort I was able to put in despite the slight sickness that I was feeling and the very tight training time.  To top it off, the rains opened up and brought some heavy rain as soon as I caught the bus going back.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 435 - Front Day 435 - Back Day 435 - Side

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