Day 433: Tickly throat

Day 433

I didn’t do any sightseeing over the weekend, but instead opted to rest and catch up on my sleep. I also took the opportunity to get a haircut on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, the power went out in the shop just as my barber was starting to thin the hair on the top of my head! The staff apologised and advised me to come back the next day, as they had no idea when the power has going to come back! Good thing that not much had been cut from my hair yet, and what was cut was on top. I would have been loathe to depart the shop if my cut was trimmed on one side only!

This early morning I awoke with a somewhat tickly throat. I hope that it’s not the onset of an illness, so I made sure to drink lots of water throughout the day in the hope of getting any viruses out of my system.

I did feel a little bit slower to recover my breath after particularly hard sets while on my evening training session. Most of the sets were 4X10 with 60 seconds rest in between, so there wasn’t much time to dilly-dally. I did have to take a few more seconds particularly after each set of the front squat to push press / reverse lunge combination.

Hopefully some good rest tonight will help me get me back to tiptop shape.

Day 433 - Front Day 433 - Back Day 433 - Side

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