Day 428: Influencing others

Day 428

Today’s training was focused on strength: low reps with longer rest periods. Barbell clean pulls (5X3, 75s rest), barbell push presses alternating with reverse lunges (5X5, 90s rest), seated cable rows alternating with dumbbell flat bench presses (5X5, 90s rest), and then finally reverse woodchops (2X15, no rest) alternating with side planks (2X60s, 60s rest).  As this was the final training day for 5X5 on this particular set of exercises, I really pushed myself on every exercise so that I was able to add more weight to each of the weighted exercises.  I was also pleased that right after I finished my barbell clean pulls using the one and only (and rarely used) olympic bar in the gym, one of the bigger guys decided to do some clean pulls with the olympic bar himself.  He has been seeing me use the olympic bar every other training day, and though I’ve seen him (and others) interested in what I am doing, this was the first time that I’ve seen someone else use the bar.

So you see, even without saying a word, it’s possible to influence other people!

Eat right, train hard, be a good influence, and expect success!

Day 428 - Front Day 428 - Back Day 428 - Side

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