Day 426: Recharging at the gym

Day 426

Today I was back to the office after a mini-holiday over the weekend.  My coworker and I booked an overnight tour of the Mekong River Delta, which is a little less than 200km from Saigon.  There we visited two floating markets, where farmers bring their produce through the river from their farms down to the towns downstream.  We also visited a few cottage industries, and cruised through some small distributaries to see village life of the people in the river delta area.  We started our trip early in Saturday and got back in the evening of Sunday, lucky to have generally good weather until some heavy downpours caught us on the bus on the way back to Saigon.

As usually happens with weekend breaks, the following workday was a bit difficult to get through.  It was still a very busy day for me, but there were times that I wished I was resting or catching up on sleep.  To be honest, I doubted a bit if I would have the energy to do my best at the gym, but at the same time I looked forward to it.

I need not have worried, as my training session turned out great.  It was the second part of the high-volume, short rest-period training days, using jump squats (at 5X3/75s rest the only exception), underhand grip pulldowns alternating with barbell push presses (2X20/45s rest), supine hip extensions alternating with Bulgarian split squats with the front food elevated (2X20/45s rest), and then finally crunches (2X20/0s rest) alternating with three-point planks (2X60s/60s rest).  In contrast to my previous training day, today I was able to stick quite closely to the prescribed rest periods while at the same time making sure that I was able to use more resistance compared to my previous analogous training day.  It was all good and I feel recharged and ready to face the week!

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 426 - Front Day 426 - Back Day 426 - Side

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