Day 421: Namesakes

Day 421

Today I did the second set of exercises for this particular phase of my program, again using mostly a middle range of sets and reps.  There were jump squats (4X4, 75s rest), chinups alternating with barbell push presses (4X10, 60s rest), supine hip extensions alternating with Bulgarian split squats with the front food elevated (4X10, 60s rest), and then finally crunches (2X20, 0s rest) directly followed by three-point planks (2X60s,  60s rest).

I made a new acquaintance at the gym today.  In between sets of hip extensions/Bulgarian split squats, a local guy tried to talk to me in English and so I introduced myself.  Here in Vietnam, I find it’s better to introduce myself as Ronaldo (my real name) rather than Ron (my nickname).  People get a kick out of associating my name with a famous footballer (actually, two!)

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 421 - Front Day 421 - Back Day 421 - Side

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