Day 419: Who said weight training is not cardiovascular exercise?

Day 419

Today’s training was in the middle-range in weight, rest periods, and repetition range.  Barbell clean pulls (4X4, 75s rest), barbell front squat to push press alternating with reverse lunges (both 4X10, 60s rest), seated cable rows alternating with flat dumbbell presses (both 4X10, 60s rest), and finally reverse woodchops (2X15, 0 rest) proceeding directly to side lunges (2X60s/side, 60s rest).  All throughout I tried to stick as close as possible to the rest periods while attempting to increase the loading compared to the previous analogous workout.  I was mostly successful.  After almost every set I was positively heaving with heavy breath and an increased heart rate, that without doing any “cardio”.  I do find this type of cardio a lot more fun!

Eat right, train hard, expect success!

Day 419 - Front Day 419 - Back Day 419 - Side

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