Day 416: A happy ride back from training

Day 416

Today’s training was focused on heavy weight and low reps, using mostly a 5X5 set/rep scheme and 90-second rest periods between alternating pairs of exercises.  Luckily, the weather didn’t turn foul before the work day ended, so I was able to get to the gym early enough.  Not much new to report, but I am happy to say I was able to increase my loading on all my exercises compared to the previous 5X5 training day.

I do want to share something not related to my training.  I was waiting for the bus going to the hotel after my workout, when I was spotted by a xe om (motorcycle taxi) driver who was parked about 20 meters away.  Normally I would not have bothered, since the bus costs just 3000 Vietnamese dong (about 0.16 US dollars) while a typical ride on the xe om would cost me 20000 dong.  I wanted to get back to the hotel early as I had a sightseeing trip planned for tomorrow, so I bit the bait and we agreed at a fare of 20000 dong.  The driver couldn’t be happier, and was singing all the way on the ride to the hotel.  From what little knowledge I have of Vietnamese, I heard he was happy that he could already buy dinner for himself, after waiting for so long to get a fare.  That made me happy too, knowing I made someone’s day (or dinner).

Eat right, train hard, be willing to help others, and expect success!

Day 416 - Front Day 416 - Back Day 416 - Side

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