Day 412: Rain, rain, and a little bit of migraine pain

My weekend was mostly uneventful. My co-worker and I had a busy workweek, and so we weren’t able to plan on doing anything for the weekend. So after going to Sunday mass in the city centre, I walked around a bit before going for lunch. I passed by some camera stores and at one particular store, someone was testing out a camera he was buying. Unfortunately, I looked at precisely the time that he was testing the flash. Soon my vision started becoming blurry, and I knew that a migraine attack was coming.

Since I hadn’t had lunch yet, and the hotel was at least 30 minutes away if I took a bus, I decided to drop into a noodle shop to have phơ (Vietnamese noodles in light broth). That seemed to help a bit, enough for me to get back to the hotel before the worst of the migraine came on. Once I got to the hotel, I couldn’t immediately go to my room as it was being cleaned, so I had to endure maybe 20 minutes more waiting in the lobby without airconditioning. When I finally got into my room, freshened up, and went to bed, it took me ages to fall asleep as the pain had already gone into overdrive. It took a while before the medicine which I took upon getting into my room began to take effect.

By 7 PM I was feeling a bit better, good enough to grab dinner with my coworker. After about an hour of talking with my family over Skype, I went back to sleep.

By the morning, most of the pain was gone, but it was still a bit touch and go during the day at work, trying to avoid any situations which could trigger another onset. By the afternoon, I was looking forward to getting back into the gym, only to have the rain start to pour down hard when I got back to the hotel. I bravely set out with my umbrella into the pouring rain and was able to still catch a bus early enough to get to the gym at a reasonable time.

There were significantly fewer people at the gym today, no doubt because the rain made it difficult to get around on a motorbike, as most people here in Saigon do. That made it a bit easier for me to get through my training session as I did not have to constantly fight for space and equipment. Today’s training was clean pulls (4X4, 75s rest), front squats alternating with reverse lunges (5X5, 60s rest), seated cable rows alternating with dumbbell bench presses (5X5, 60s rest), and finally reverse cable woodchops (2X15) directly going into side planks (2X60s) with 60s rest after the planks. By the end of my workout, I was soaked in sweat but the migraine pain was forgotten. Unfortunately, I finished my workout perhaps 2 minutes late, as I wasn’t able to catch the last bus back toward the hotel and was forced to take a taxi as the rain was starting to come on again.

By the way, another effect of the strong rain is that the Internet connection in the hotel got cut off again. That’s why this post is a bit late.

Day 412 - Front Day 412 - Back Day 412 - Side

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