Day 409: Leg shock

Day 409

Finally, had my first day this week when I did not have to do (user) training at work!  That allowed me to catch up on other things I needed to do for my project, and I was finally able to make sense of and solve a problem that has been hanging in my head since last week.  And yes, I can blame it on Microsoft!

Today’s (physical) training was back to high volume (2X20), short rest periods (45s), except for the opener of jump lunges which was 4X4 with 75s rest.  On almost all of my exercises I was able to add weight/resistance compared to the previous 2X20 workout; the sole exception being one particularly arduous exercise.  That was Bulgarian split squats with the front food elevated, which allowed for an extended range of motion by letting the trailing knee dip slightly below the level of the leading foot.  The 20 reps really burned my legs, so I had to reduce the weight on the second set after thinking I could add weight on the first.  The increased load on the jump squats may have tired my legs too much by the time I did the split squats.

This weekend should allow my legs to recover from the shock.

Eat right, train hard, and expect success!

Day 409 - Front Day 409 - Back Day 409 - Side

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